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PowerOutage.com collects, records, and aggregates live power outage data from utilities all over the United States with the goal of creating the single most reliable and complete source of power outage information available.
To support this project we sell business oriented products.

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Mastodon: @PowerOutageUS@bfs.llc
Twitter: PowerOutage_US
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The Power Outage API provides access to live power outage data at the utility, state, county, and city levels. Data is provided in GeoJSON, JSON, and CSV formats and is updated about every 10 minutes.

Map Widget

Imbed our Power Outage Map Widget into your website. It's highly customizable and fits into any website theme, with a variety of maps customized for specific states, counties, service areas, and more.

Active Alerting

Receive text messages or email alerts when major power events are occurring, enabling a faster response by your company. Useful for utilities providing mutual aid support, companies pre-staging resources for response, marketing, or even news reports.

Power Outage Reports

The Power Outage Reporting system can send you reports via e-mail, FTP, or SFTP. This can be a great way to access our data in a relatively up-to-date fashion without needing technical knowledge on how to set up an API.

Historical Data

Need historical data? We've got it! Every data point collected is also archived! Outage data can be retrieved at the utility, state, county, and city levels. Data can also be summarized in any way that meets your needs, raw data, hourly, daily, outage events, etc.
Our products can be used for many purposes, including analytics, identifying how power outages are affecting your business, identifying current grid issues, emergency management planning, help identifying and coordinating relief and response efforts, marketing power generation or backup solutions, and much more.


Licenses: Standard Enterprise External Reseller
Power Outage API $100 / month $200 / month $500 / month $100 + $50 per client
Power Outage Reports $100 / month $200 / month
Power Outage Alerts $50 / month $100 / month
PowerOutage Map Widget $100 / month per 100k page loads
Historical Data Depends on Request, Contact for info!
These prices are for prepared licenses, custom licenses and products are available.

Standard: Internal use by one company unit.
Enterprise: Internal use by an entire company including subsidiaries/parent companies.
External: External use for display of PowerOutage content to company customers.
Reseller: Sell raw PowerOutage content to company customers.

If you have any questions about our products, our pricing, or anything else, please reach out!