PowerOutage.US's Bot

PowerOutageBot is PowerOutage.US's bot for collecting Power Outage information from utilities all over the US. The information collected is used to update this website.


Our bot is a C# Web Job running on our Azure web cluster, its over 10,000 lines of code. This bot pulls available data from Utilities, cleans it, organizes it, and tries to correct any issues. We even use Google Maps to help correct outage location information.

For webmasters: PowerOutageBot and your site

How PowerOutageBot accesses your site

For most sites or APIs the PowerOutageBot shouldn't access your site more than once every ten minutes on average. However, depending on how the outage system works, it may require more requests to pull a full set of outage data.

Sites are added manually to the PowerOutageBot, it will not automatically search or update its settings.

Issues with the PowerOutageBot

If you have an issue with what our bot does or how it does it, let us know!

Please E-mail [email protected] using an email address from the same domain as the Utility's Website, for verification. Include a description of your issue and how you would like us to change, we would love to work with you to come up with a solution that keeps our site up-to-date and you happy!